Travelling with Burundi discovery Tours, you will have the opportunity of visiting Gishora Drum sanctuary which is situated along the top of the hill at 7km from the urban centre of the political capital of Burundi-Gitega. It is among the most prominent drum sites in Burundi. This drum site was founded by King Mwezi Gisabo after attaining victory over his rebellious opponent Chief Ntibirangwa. Today, the site is managed by a local community with descendants of the ancient lineage of ‘Abanyigisaka’ who were ritualists that had privileges from the royal court. Before, the drums in Burundi were a sign of political power of the monarchy and were made to be beaten on special ceremonies carried out by the families of the ‘Abatimbo’ and some of these included royal enthronement, the sowing festival, funerals of kings etc.

The site also has two ritual drums that were never beaten and these include; the Ruciteme (the one for whom we clear the forest) and Murimirwa (the one for whom we cultivate). These were named to mean the farming vacation as well as the fertility and characteristics of the King. There are also normal drums and these include the ‘Ingendanyi’ (retinue) which the Batimbo used to beat on special occasions of the country.

While visiting Burundi, do not miss out on reaching this place as it is an interesting site for culture learnings and entertainment.