Traditional activities such as drumming and dancing contain aspects of both culture and competition. Burundi is best-known in terms of culture through its famous traditional musicians and dancers called called Les Maîtres-Tambours du Burundi (Drummers of Burundi). Burundians embraced even more their strong oral culture of storytelling, tales, fables, poetry and songs. In Burundi’s culture, there is also imigani (proverbs), imvyino (type of song), guhoza umwana (berceuses), ivyivugo (poetry), indirimbo (songs), etc. Music goes hand in hand with any ceremony and life circumstance and Burundians have an amazing song repertoire.  With regards to dance, each region, in addition to main dances, has a specific kind of dance and drum such as warriors dance, Amayaya, Agasimbo, Umuyebe, etc. Agasimbo dancing is originally from Macamba province (south Burundi) and based on up jumping and handspring sideways. The Intore Dancers, a group that celebrates national folklore, has won numerous international folk dance competitions, and drummers compete with the traditional drums.